Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh. Hi!!

I'm not even going to apologize, I've warned you about my sucky bloggerness. 

Well, if anyone follows this, dailymile, twitter, or any other stalker tools I post on...you can see...my training has blew.  Really hard. 

I mean, who goes to CALIFORNIA for the beer and wine for two weeks and expects to keep to a half marathon training plan?


I ran like 2-4 miles over the Golden Gate and decided that was enough for the vacation.

So bad.

But you know what?  Who cares.  Fact is, I've come back, I'm running consistently again.  Did I totally mess up my head game? Yup.  But I'm moving.  I'm down 30...THIRTY pounds.  My stamina is pretty wack.  It'll come back.  Will it be back by the half marathon I'm running next month? Sure hope so.  If not, I'll deal with it then. 

And, what else?  I GOT A NEW JOB.  Do. You. Even. Know!

This is life changing, seriously. 

AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?  I ran a pretty awful 5K last week, with tons of hills and sick humidity....AND GOT ANOTHER MEDAL. 

I mean, come on, despite my slackerness...July was awesome.

Anyway, since this is more a welcome back type post...I'll post some pictures of the past month!


"Do you want a Kia Spectra...or...the Mustang?"

Guess what we chose!

Russian River Brewery...I LOVE YOU TOO.  SO MUCH.

Pacific Coast Highway...in a convertible...I'm still alive! Beautiful.

One hotel gave us a pet fish.  Hi, Duke! Hope you're still with us!

We're so cool, with our cool glasses.

YUM. Worth it.

Pismo Beach

Only in LA.  Well, probably in NY first then LA. 

9 PM after a 7 PM race...still red, still sweaty.  That's me!