Thursday, May 31, 2012

Short Weeks....How It Should Be!

After Monday's run, I've been kicking ass.  I ran my fastest three miles yet yesterday, and made it to the gym to cross train a little today.

Some of that training, though not much because it's ridiculous, was done on this thing...

LifeFitness Integrity Series Summit Trainer (pic from LifeFitness)
Think Stairclimber + Elliptical + Sweatfest.  I wish I took a pic of it at my gym...because even though it's an intense puts you at about 7-8 feet tall while you use it.  So, above everyone else working out at the gym.  So, you're like on a pedestal.  Climbing.  Sweaty.  Red.  Hot.  Mess. 

You know what's awesome?  Old pants fitting.

And while we're on clothing, I must share something with all one of you strangely redirected people that end up here.

I live in Moving Comfort bras. 

Not me. 
This sucker...the the most amazing thing to ever strap boobs down.  Especially if you are pushing the later letters of the alphabet.  First, I was wearing it strictly to run. Perfection.  Then, I realized if I wore it under work clothes, I could actually wear button down shirts again.  Life. Changing. I just received the Juno bra today...we'll give that a shot this weekend.

Finally, I ordered a Headsweats running hat so I can retire the ZOOM hat.  I can't wait!

Good stuff this week. I think my sister-in-law is gonna be joining my little cult soon, VERY EXCITED!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Heat + NYC. Finish the Thought.

As much as I love this time of year...there's probably a fairly large portion of me that doesn't like it at all.

You see, New York City can't just get HOT, or HUMID, or DRY, or BREEZY.  You get this combination of every type of summery weather imaginable, called "Hazy, Hot and Humid" where you can simultaneously feel like your skin is on fire, while you're in a steam room. 

I still can't figure out how to dress to run in this weather.  Case in point...

I probably scare children.

Isn't that so hot?  Let's start from the bottom up.  We have my Brooks Pureconnects still going strong and I'm tempted to get another pair of.  Orange socks.  My anti-chub rub bike shorts.  My truly obnoxious running shorts from Target.  My favorite summer running top from Old Navy.  And last, but not "ZOOM" hat.

Do you feel that? That's me. Zoom.  Side note: I need to stop taking pics with my iPhone.
I got this ridiculous hat at a Family Dollar somewhere near Lake Bomoseen, Vermont.  My friends and I were spending most of our time on a boat and my scalp was paying the price.  Skin peeling off your scalp is definitely never in style, and makes you look like you have some kind of dandruff leprosy.  Anywho, this $2 wonder is actually some type of hunting hat I guess and is the only brimmed hat I own.

Why am I talking so much about my awesome running outfit?  Well, today's run wasn't as good as it could've been.  And I'm going to stop beating myself up over these days.  I'm going to have a ton of them, all that matters is that I still go out and give it a shot. I mean, I'm 20 pounds down, but look better than I did when I was almost 40 pounds down last year.   My crappiest runs are still faster, further, and stronger than they were when I was last running consistently.  Okay, self-fight over.

Scene: I woke up late, started running at around was already around 77 degrees, and HAZY, HOT AND HUMID.  Destined for lameness.


It was such a rewarding run.  I was aiming for 3 easy miles (like I run anything else...bahahaha) today, but started off too fast while listening to Gotye, of all things to run swiftly to.  So when I got to hill #2 of my run, I was fading quickly.  I saw a heavier woman running down the hill looking every much as done as I'm sure I was.  We caught each others eyes and smiled and waved...just preparing to smile, wave and make eye contact with her was enough to get me up that hill, and getting some reciprocity?  I was good for a bit more. 

I got to my halfway point and was convinced I could do it all, I turned around and at that point it was a traffic jam of cyclists going both ways on this very tiny bridge path...and silly me.  In my running costume, looking like a straight up psychopath.  I had to stop to prevent being a bicycle sandwich filling. 

After giving what I think is a mean glare, but really probably just looks apathetic, I continued my run, trying to slow my pace.  Here comes the other end of this hill, and I'm so sweaty that my hands are dripping.  This is something that is new to my runs, and I cannot DEAL with it.  Anyway, I see this little old man riding his bike up the hill...and he says "You got it, girl!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I LOVE YOU!  This isn't the first time I've seen him, in fact, I pretty much see him every run...whether it's a weekend morning (and my weekend morning runs vary so much!), an early afternoon or an evening run...I see him around my halfway point. Usually I can see him coming, and he kinda waves and says something to me.  Today my headphones were low and I heard him.  WHO KNEW HE WAS MY OWN PERSONAL RUNNING FAIRY GODFATHER!  I thanked him, probably way too loudly and crazily...and kept going!

And then I walked.

And ran.

And walked.

And saw a woman that was walking, running a while, walking and decided to run a pace behind her.  Right before I got to the end of my run, she started walking.  I caught up to her and told her I'm with her, I'm done if she's done.  We talked, she told me about the strength training she was doing, I told her about the half marathon I'm training for...and it turns out, she's a marathoner, a marine, and does the Special Olympics Torch Run.  She really got me pumped up after a crappy run that I CAN AND WILL do this half marathon and enjoy it.  What an awesome run. 

It's a day like this that fills me with the positivity that's lacking throughout most of my week.

We (my really awesome husband) also opened the pool today, and had all of our meals on the grill.  It's summer, bitches!

Soy Garlic Wine Steak. Chili Lime Cilantro Sweet Potato Fries!
Thank you, Pinterest.  I have rediscovered you and have been using you to find recipes to snazz up boring things like sweet potatoes and london broil.  I rarely eat red meat, but this was GOOD.  And such a crappy cut of meat.  The chili lime sweet potato fries were da bomb.

Finally, let's remember why we have off today...thank you to our servicemen/women, especially to my cousin Tom and to my new friend I hope to meet again!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Phew. Memorial Day Weekend!

We made's the home stretch for this school year!

Only regret this weekend: NOT CAMPING.  It's going to be awesome all weekend!

Training has been going as well as it can for this humid, busy week.  Ran on Wednesday and it was like running through a never ending sauna.  Awful.  How 'bout that August Half Marathon? Yikes.

I'm trying to let go of the week and enjoy this time off....starting with SUSHI tonight.  I'm dying for it. 

Oh, and did you want to hear about my weight loss?


N I N E T E E N  P O U N D S ! ! ! ! ! !

That's insane.  I wanted to wait til the big 2-0...but I can't control it, it's like actually scale numbers are on a steady decline!

Can't mess it up this weekend.  Gotta bring my Lite Boar's Head hot dogs with me to all the BBQ's...yum.

This is going to be a lame quick post because I need to get out in that sunshine!

Monday, May 21, 2012


The day where you mourn the weekend. :)

I can't help this funky mood...I couldn't run I got to go to the gym today, my FAVORITE!

And this was my view:

Ghost Whitestone Bridge in the background!
I decided to start following THIS half marathon training guide, because it seems decent and tolerable.   I did the 3 easy miles on Saturday, attempted the painful, claustrophobic crawl that is the AIDS Walk NYC on Sunday (quit after about an hour...when I looked at Runkeeper and we had walked .57 miles), so today was a run day.  The weather does not give one shit about my training plan.  Neither does the YMCA, damnit!  The treadmills were all getting repaired/replaced.  Which is awesome.  For the next rainy run day I have.  BUT IT KILLED ANY AND ALL OOMPH I HAD LEFT.  I resorted to a new "hybrid" elliptical that powers itself the faster you go, and some Anderson Cooper for a half hour.  So I guess today was the cross training day? 

For the record, I love the Y.  Never obnoxiously crowded, and never filled with jerks.  Naked people, singing people...but never jerky people. 

All weekend I felt the need for bicycle speed again.  And then I unearthed my Five Boro Bike Tour Cycling Jersey!!!!

It actually fits now!  This means I need a bike.  Obviously.  I can't believe that was four years ago, when I was a wee lass of 24 years. 

Other than my workout woes, I've been eating a hell of a lot of Gardenburgers (SO MANY TASTY VARIETIES), staying away from alcohol ( such, my friends as well :) ) and sleeping like crazy.  My body is all like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.....whoa...whoa.............whoa" when it comes to medications and just kinda gives up.  My pillow and I are BFF's. 

Whoa looks weird to me now.  Like it's not a real word.  Hate when that happens. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guess What?

I still suck at blogging!


This week was mad (replace with wicked or hella based on your region) busy. That, and I was just having shitty runs all last week so I needed a break from all things running as I was beyond frustrated. I took the past 6 days off to focus on interviews, hang out with friends and get my head back together a bit.

Week two of this Metformin is going well, no crazy side effects, and weight loss is moving along. I'm down 15.5 lbs as of this morning!

Today was my ease back in day, and it almost didn't happen because I now sleep about 12-14 hours a night....ugh. So I finally got out of the house at 10:30 and had a great 3 mile straight run. That's right, we are cutting the walking out.

Tomorrow I think I'm doing the AIDS Walk with my students...but I haven't heard from them. I don't really have a way to reach them and I'm hoping this all works out!

Look at me...up past 10! Yawn. I gotta fix that. Adios. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stressful Week? Crappy Runs!

It's quite the correlation.

I had this whole post on Monday about how awesome Monday was.  And how this was a sign of the week to come. 


Work was consistently stressful, I started taking Metformin, which thankfully, I haven't had any side effects from....knock on IKEA particleboard, I went on a massive GROUP interview (horrendous), I've had to give up beer/wine for the next month probably, and all my runs SUCKED. 

Tuesday, I did 4 miles, but I had to keep stopping because of a cramp in my calf.  Thursday, I waited for my husband to run with me, who decided we don't need to run that far, so we turned around at 1.5.  Yesterday, ugh, worst run in a long time.  Pretty much as bad as the time I did that one mile at the track.  The mistake was trying a new venue.  I don't do well with change.  We went to Van Cortlandt park to run the 1.5 mile parade loop four times.

List time.

Why Saturday's Run was the Ultimate Disappointment:
  • The parade grounds are covered in gravel/dirt.  Pureconnects are not a fan.
  • My husband can't wake up early.  We got there around 10AM.  It was 78 degrees and NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY.  I could feel myself burning.
  • We tried to get some shade by running off the loop onto the trails.  Another bad idea.
  • Ended up walking probably a half mile. 
  • We stopped the clock at 3 sad, sad miles...half of what we'd set out to do.
  • And not run related, but my brand new car has a million tiny scratches from the car wash.

So, I'm trying again today.  I'll probably only do 4 miles, since I haven't had a good run at all this week.  And not to make this post total Debbie Downer status, let's make another list.

Why This Week was Actually Decent:
  • Booked a trip in July to go to San Francisco, Napa/Sonoma, Los Angeles, San Diego...and every winery and brewery in between.
  • My resume got passed somewhere, to someone, that may want an interview soon.  This could be LIFE CHANGING.
  • We're getting closer to buying a house.  Maybe by Christmas.
  • I've lost 3 pounds this week...surely thanks to cutting out alcohol, and having a drug processing my insulin. 14 pounds down TOTAL...YES.
  • I got Bon Iver Tickets! Who just yelled hipster?? Bastards.
  • Oh, and I got a haircut!
My shocked face.  Where's my Oscar?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seis de Mayo

And I'm not hungover!

Went to a place in Greenwich last night called Lolita's.  It was too swanky for me.  But I can get gussied up and throw back cocktails with the swankiest.

The funny thing about swanky portions.  When the menu said "Lobster Enchilada" I thought well, it can't be JUST ONE. Ha! My soft taco sized enchilada was tasty though.  Another thing about swanky places...the lights are SO DIM.  I could've been eating a roach taco for all I know (and if I was, it was still delicious) and it drives me insane to not be able to see my food.  That restaurant that they blindfold you and you eat in the dark?  I would die.  I imagine someone would flip on the lights at the end and it would be one of those Febreze commercials where it smells like roses but you open your eyes and you're inside a dumpster.

So if you see someone pointing their iPhone flashlight at their food....say hi to me!

I also got to go to H&M yesterday...where I stocked up on a whole bunch of totally unnecessary lounge wear.  My favorite of which are the H&M basics harem pants, that I have to hide in secret locations so my husband doesn't throw them out, clean the bathroom with them, or burn them.  They are hideous, look like you pooped your pants, and I was a sipping on a big gulp of haterade when I saw them all over the place in Spain....however, they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS IN THE WORLD!  And they're kinda like, fashionable

Shut up.

Harem pants AND Uggs...So. Fancy.

Today's a pretty lazy day.  Sundays usually are.  I get the Sunday Blues big time.  What has cheered me up is looking through Facebook posts about walking, running, getting some sneakers, commiserating about C25K.  Since I started embarking on running my first 5K, I was able to convince my husband and my friend to do it with me.  Then I convinced three more of my friends, and my friend convinced her sister and friend to do one.  I convinced a couple of co-workers, yet another friend, and even more cousin and her daughter to do one!

So, in essence, I have annoyed/hyped/proselytized/begged/coerced/bribed ELEVEN people to get into this running thing.  That's frigging huge.  I think the fact they see that me, at my chunkiest a couple of months ago, can be chugging along, it instills the faith that they too can RUN.  It's FREE, results are pretty immediate, it's a time to meditate, it's fun to brag about ( and it's just plain awesome for your health.

Speaking of health, turns out I'm insulin resistant.  That's like, pre-diabetic!  Granted, it's mild, and I'm on the cusp of it...but at least it validates part of the reason I gain weight so quickly.  The other part is my love of beer and cheese (which I've cut significantly).  I get to start taking a drug called Metformin that will help me control the way sugar is used in my body, and in my case, control my out of whack hormones too.  So, now I'll be like a normal person that's trying to eat right/lose weight, rather than someone with a sugar issue monkey on their back trying to do the same.

To end this novel, here's something I find highly amusing, especially #10...hello, favorite top that simultaneously makes me feel romantic, sophisticated and coquettish...ugh!  Where's my lounge wear...

Let's hope for a fantastic week ahead :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bug-eating and Music

How many points plus are bugs?  Or are they freebies?

Because now that it's spring-like...I consume a few on my runs.  The rest get plastered on my sweaty head, arms and legs.

Too gross?

My runs have been phenomenal thus far.  I'm about to embark on a five mile in a few minutes.  I started running two miles straight, two minute walk in between.   By the 10k, I'd like to make it 3 miles straight with a two minute break, if I can't just do the whole thing straight (probably not...).

The other things I've been trying to pump up my runs are:

  • Eating a small snack about a half hour before, like half a nut bar.
  • Listening to Beirut (long runs) or Gaslight Anthem (fast runs)
  • WEARING MY CONTACTS.  The distance part isn't as bad when you can actually see the trail in front of you.  Geez!
Anyway, what I'm really, really, incredibly excited this:

Learn more here: Pebble Watch - Kickstarter!

I was thisclose to buying a garmin...but you know what? I LOVE RUNKEEPER.  And who just teamed up with Pebble?!


And I'm down...11 pounds since I've started this blog!  The weight loss has been slow, but it's happening every week, which is fine with me!  I'm hoping to lose more weight by summer so that I can get me a fancy bathing suit for California!

Okay.  I'm pumped up.  Time to run!

Edit: What was it I was saying about Runkeeper? GPS fail today.  Totally AT&T's fault I'm sure!