Monday, May 28, 2012

Heat + NYC. Finish the Thought.

As much as I love this time of year...there's probably a fairly large portion of me that doesn't like it at all.

You see, New York City can't just get HOT, or HUMID, or DRY, or BREEZY.  You get this combination of every type of summery weather imaginable, called "Hazy, Hot and Humid" where you can simultaneously feel like your skin is on fire, while you're in a steam room. 

I still can't figure out how to dress to run in this weather.  Case in point...

I probably scare children.

Isn't that so hot?  Let's start from the bottom up.  We have my Brooks Pureconnects still going strong and I'm tempted to get another pair of.  Orange socks.  My anti-chub rub bike shorts.  My truly obnoxious running shorts from Target.  My favorite summer running top from Old Navy.  And last, but not "ZOOM" hat.

Do you feel that? That's me. Zoom.  Side note: I need to stop taking pics with my iPhone.
I got this ridiculous hat at a Family Dollar somewhere near Lake Bomoseen, Vermont.  My friends and I were spending most of our time on a boat and my scalp was paying the price.  Skin peeling off your scalp is definitely never in style, and makes you look like you have some kind of dandruff leprosy.  Anywho, this $2 wonder is actually some type of hunting hat I guess and is the only brimmed hat I own.

Why am I talking so much about my awesome running outfit?  Well, today's run wasn't as good as it could've been.  And I'm going to stop beating myself up over these days.  I'm going to have a ton of them, all that matters is that I still go out and give it a shot. I mean, I'm 20 pounds down, but look better than I did when I was almost 40 pounds down last year.   My crappiest runs are still faster, further, and stronger than they were when I was last running consistently.  Okay, self-fight over.

Scene: I woke up late, started running at around was already around 77 degrees, and HAZY, HOT AND HUMID.  Destined for lameness.


It was such a rewarding run.  I was aiming for 3 easy miles (like I run anything else...bahahaha) today, but started off too fast while listening to Gotye, of all things to run swiftly to.  So when I got to hill #2 of my run, I was fading quickly.  I saw a heavier woman running down the hill looking every much as done as I'm sure I was.  We caught each others eyes and smiled and waved...just preparing to smile, wave and make eye contact with her was enough to get me up that hill, and getting some reciprocity?  I was good for a bit more. 

I got to my halfway point and was convinced I could do it all, I turned around and at that point it was a traffic jam of cyclists going both ways on this very tiny bridge path...and silly me.  In my running costume, looking like a straight up psychopath.  I had to stop to prevent being a bicycle sandwich filling. 

After giving what I think is a mean glare, but really probably just looks apathetic, I continued my run, trying to slow my pace.  Here comes the other end of this hill, and I'm so sweaty that my hands are dripping.  This is something that is new to my runs, and I cannot DEAL with it.  Anyway, I see this little old man riding his bike up the hill...and he says "You got it, girl!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I LOVE YOU!  This isn't the first time I've seen him, in fact, I pretty much see him every run...whether it's a weekend morning (and my weekend morning runs vary so much!), an early afternoon or an evening run...I see him around my halfway point. Usually I can see him coming, and he kinda waves and says something to me.  Today my headphones were low and I heard him.  WHO KNEW HE WAS MY OWN PERSONAL RUNNING FAIRY GODFATHER!  I thanked him, probably way too loudly and crazily...and kept going!

And then I walked.

And ran.

And walked.

And saw a woman that was walking, running a while, walking and decided to run a pace behind her.  Right before I got to the end of my run, she started walking.  I caught up to her and told her I'm with her, I'm done if she's done.  We talked, she told me about the strength training she was doing, I told her about the half marathon I'm training for...and it turns out, she's a marathoner, a marine, and does the Special Olympics Torch Run.  She really got me pumped up after a crappy run that I CAN AND WILL do this half marathon and enjoy it.  What an awesome run. 

It's a day like this that fills me with the positivity that's lacking throughout most of my week.

We (my really awesome husband) also opened the pool today, and had all of our meals on the grill.  It's summer, bitches!

Soy Garlic Wine Steak. Chili Lime Cilantro Sweet Potato Fries!
Thank you, Pinterest.  I have rediscovered you and have been using you to find recipes to snazz up boring things like sweet potatoes and london broil.  I rarely eat red meat, but this was GOOD.  And such a crappy cut of meat.  The chili lime sweet potato fries were da bomb.

Finally, let's remember why we have off today...thank you to our servicemen/women, especially to my cousin Tom and to my new friend I hope to meet again!

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