Friday, May 25, 2012

Phew. Memorial Day Weekend!

We made's the home stretch for this school year!

Only regret this weekend: NOT CAMPING.  It's going to be awesome all weekend!

Training has been going as well as it can for this humid, busy week.  Ran on Wednesday and it was like running through a never ending sauna.  Awful.  How 'bout that August Half Marathon? Yikes.

I'm trying to let go of the week and enjoy this time off....starting with SUSHI tonight.  I'm dying for it. 

Oh, and did you want to hear about my weight loss?


N I N E T E E N  P O U N D S ! ! ! ! ! !

That's insane.  I wanted to wait til the big 2-0...but I can't control it, it's like actually scale numbers are on a steady decline!

Can't mess it up this weekend.  Gotta bring my Lite Boar's Head hot dogs with me to all the BBQ's...yum.

This is going to be a lame quick post because I need to get out in that sunshine!

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