Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seis de Mayo

And I'm not hungover!

Went to a place in Greenwich last night called Lolita's.  It was too swanky for me.  But I can get gussied up and throw back cocktails with the swankiest.

The funny thing about swanky portions.  When the menu said "Lobster Enchilada" I thought well, it can't be JUST ONE. Ha! My soft taco sized enchilada was tasty though.  Another thing about swanky places...the lights are SO DIM.  I could've been eating a roach taco for all I know (and if I was, it was still delicious) and it drives me insane to not be able to see my food.  That restaurant that they blindfold you and you eat in the dark?  I would die.  I imagine someone would flip on the lights at the end and it would be one of those Febreze commercials where it smells like roses but you open your eyes and you're inside a dumpster.

So if you see someone pointing their iPhone flashlight at their food....say hi to me!

I also got to go to H&M yesterday...where I stocked up on a whole bunch of totally unnecessary lounge wear.  My favorite of which are the H&M basics harem pants, that I have to hide in secret locations so my husband doesn't throw them out, clean the bathroom with them, or burn them.  They are hideous, look like you pooped your pants, and I was a sipping on a big gulp of haterade when I saw them all over the place in Spain....however, they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS IN THE WORLD!  And they're kinda like, fashionable

Shut up.

Harem pants AND Uggs...So. Fancy.

Today's a pretty lazy day.  Sundays usually are.  I get the Sunday Blues big time.  What has cheered me up is looking through Facebook posts about walking, running, getting some sneakers, commiserating about C25K.  Since I started embarking on running my first 5K, I was able to convince my husband and my friend to do it with me.  Then I convinced three more of my friends, and my friend convinced her sister and friend to do one.  I convinced a couple of co-workers, yet another friend, and even more cousin and her daughter to do one!

So, in essence, I have annoyed/hyped/proselytized/begged/coerced/bribed ELEVEN people to get into this running thing.  That's frigging huge.  I think the fact they see that me, at my chunkiest a couple of months ago, can be chugging along, it instills the faith that they too can RUN.  It's FREE, results are pretty immediate, it's a time to meditate, it's fun to brag about ( and it's just plain awesome for your health.

Speaking of health, turns out I'm insulin resistant.  That's like, pre-diabetic!  Granted, it's mild, and I'm on the cusp of it...but at least it validates part of the reason I gain weight so quickly.  The other part is my love of beer and cheese (which I've cut significantly).  I get to start taking a drug called Metformin that will help me control the way sugar is used in my body, and in my case, control my out of whack hormones too.  So, now I'll be like a normal person that's trying to eat right/lose weight, rather than someone with a sugar issue monkey on their back trying to do the same.

To end this novel, here's something I find highly amusing, especially #10...hello, favorite top that simultaneously makes me feel romantic, sophisticated and coquettish...ugh!  Where's my lounge wear...

Let's hope for a fantastic week ahead :)

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