Monday, August 5, 2013

Keto Day 1

Breakfast: Egg salad over grilled tomato and eggplant

Lunch: Shrimp sautéed in olive oil with Thai chilies with cilantro in lettuce wraps.

Dinner: Grilled sirloin and asparagus.

Dessert: Espresso


Oh boy.

Remember in my last post....over a year I talked about getting back into routine and being down 30 pounds....yeah. I screwed that up big time!

It began with falling off my half marathon training, then starting a new drug that messed with my blood pressure. So I stopped running, because it made sense for two weeks. Then it was just hard to get back into it.

I started a new job....which is right across the street from my favorite running trail. However, I was too anxious and tired to run. I figured I'd settle into work and then start again. As long as my clothes fit I was happy.

Around Halloween that rule went out the window.

Then! Then the best part happened. In November. I started having sciatic nerve pain down my left leg and ignored it for a month. I sat down at my desk two days before Thanksgiving and couldn't get up. I was trapped in my locked office for two hours before I could call a friend for help. I'm no wuss when it comes to pain....but I was screaming by the time I got to the urgent care. Herniated discs. L4/L5 and L5/S1. My back was twisted for a week and I needed muscle relaxers and ibuprofen to do anything.

But the initial pain left....and I was stuck with an even worse sciatic nerve pain going from my hip to my toes. Nothing relieved that except lying down. And you can bet that's what I did as often as possible. I gained a limp, bursitis in my right hip, loss of muscle in my left leg and a huge loss of movement. At one point I had foot drop and standing for more than 2 minutes made me sweat from the pain.

Here I am almost 9 months later and only finally starting to feel better. I'm anti-surgery, anti-steroid injections so I went with the "hope it heals in a year" strategy. Still hard for me to stand for long periods of time. I did do the Five Boro Bike Tour in May, which surprisingly didn't aggravate anything. Laying around depressed for 9 months really does a number on you. Needless to say, I gained 30lbs and a bit more back from just eating garbage and drinking wine and beer.

Today I'm starting a ketogenic diet...1. To drop some weight and alleviate the back issue ASAP. 2. It's supposedly a good diet for the insulin resistance too. 3. I'm bored and up for a challenge. I will tell you, I do plan on having a cheat day. I know it's a big don't for the hardcore keto people, but I've always managed to lose weight with all my cheats as long as I worked out. Which brings me what?

Walking. So boring. So excruciatingly boring. I bought a treadmill so I have no excuse not to walk. Walking makes me want to cry. 3 miles an HOUR? Ugh I used to run that in half the time!! My workouts were so short and fun and now they're long and boring. My goal is to get back into running, do a 5K in the new year. Definitely going to take things slower this time around.

Well, let's do this!!