Monday, May 21, 2012


The day where you mourn the weekend. :)

I can't help this funky mood...I couldn't run I got to go to the gym today, my FAVORITE!

And this was my view:

Ghost Whitestone Bridge in the background!
I decided to start following THIS half marathon training guide, because it seems decent and tolerable.   I did the 3 easy miles on Saturday, attempted the painful, claustrophobic crawl that is the AIDS Walk NYC on Sunday (quit after about an hour...when I looked at Runkeeper and we had walked .57 miles), so today was a run day.  The weather does not give one shit about my training plan.  Neither does the YMCA, damnit!  The treadmills were all getting repaired/replaced.  Which is awesome.  For the next rainy run day I have.  BUT IT KILLED ANY AND ALL OOMPH I HAD LEFT.  I resorted to a new "hybrid" elliptical that powers itself the faster you go, and some Anderson Cooper for a half hour.  So I guess today was the cross training day? 

For the record, I love the Y.  Never obnoxiously crowded, and never filled with jerks.  Naked people, singing people...but never jerky people. 

All weekend I felt the need for bicycle speed again.  And then I unearthed my Five Boro Bike Tour Cycling Jersey!!!!

It actually fits now!  This means I need a bike.  Obviously.  I can't believe that was four years ago, when I was a wee lass of 24 years. 

Other than my workout woes, I've been eating a hell of a lot of Gardenburgers (SO MANY TASTY VARIETIES), staying away from alcohol ( such, my friends as well :) ) and sleeping like crazy.  My body is all like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.....whoa...whoa.............whoa" when it comes to medications and just kinda gives up.  My pillow and I are BFF's. 

Whoa looks weird to me now.  Like it's not a real word.  Hate when that happens. 

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