Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stressful Week? Crappy Runs!

It's quite the correlation.

I had this whole post on Monday about how awesome Monday was.  And how this was a sign of the week to come. 


Work was consistently stressful, I started taking Metformin, which thankfully, I haven't had any side effects from....knock on IKEA particleboard, I went on a massive GROUP interview (horrendous), I've had to give up beer/wine for the next month probably, and all my runs SUCKED. 

Tuesday, I did 4 miles, but I had to keep stopping because of a cramp in my calf.  Thursday, I waited for my husband to run with me, who decided we don't need to run that far, so we turned around at 1.5.  Yesterday, ugh, worst run in a long time.  Pretty much as bad as the time I did that one mile at the track.  The mistake was trying a new venue.  I don't do well with change.  We went to Van Cortlandt park to run the 1.5 mile parade loop four times.

List time.

Why Saturday's Run was the Ultimate Disappointment:
  • The parade grounds are covered in gravel/dirt.  Pureconnects are not a fan.
  • My husband can't wake up early.  We got there around 10AM.  It was 78 degrees and NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY.  I could feel myself burning.
  • We tried to get some shade by running off the loop onto the trails.  Another bad idea.
  • Ended up walking probably a half mile. 
  • We stopped the clock at 3 sad, sad miles...half of what we'd set out to do.
  • And not run related, but my brand new car has a million tiny scratches from the car wash.

So, I'm trying again today.  I'll probably only do 4 miles, since I haven't had a good run at all this week.  And not to make this post total Debbie Downer status, let's make another list.

Why This Week was Actually Decent:
  • Booked a trip in July to go to San Francisco, Napa/Sonoma, Los Angeles, San Diego...and every winery and brewery in between.
  • My resume got passed somewhere, to someone, that may want an interview soon.  This could be LIFE CHANGING.
  • We're getting closer to buying a house.  Maybe by Christmas.
  • I've lost 3 pounds this week...surely thanks to cutting out alcohol, and having a drug processing my insulin. 14 pounds down TOTAL...YES.
  • I got Bon Iver Tickets! Who just yelled hipster?? Bastards.
  • Oh, and I got a haircut!
My shocked face.  Where's my Oscar?

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