Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bug-eating and Music

How many points plus are bugs?  Or are they freebies?

Because now that it's spring-like...I consume a few on my runs.  The rest get plastered on my sweaty head, arms and legs.

Too gross?

My runs have been phenomenal thus far.  I'm about to embark on a five mile in a few minutes.  I started running two miles straight, two minute walk in between.   By the 10k, I'd like to make it 3 miles straight with a two minute break, if I can't just do the whole thing straight (probably not...).

The other things I've been trying to pump up my runs are:

  • Eating a small snack about a half hour before, like half a nut bar.
  • Listening to Beirut (long runs) or Gaslight Anthem (fast runs)
  • WEARING MY CONTACTS.  The distance part isn't as bad when you can actually see the trail in front of you.  Geez!
Anyway, what I'm really, really, incredibly excited this:

Learn more here: Pebble Watch - Kickstarter!

I was thisclose to buying a garmin...but you know what? I LOVE RUNKEEPER.  And who just teamed up with Pebble?!


And I'm down...11 pounds since I've started this blog!  The weight loss has been slow, but it's happening every week, which is fine with me!  I'm hoping to lose more weight by summer so that I can get me a fancy bathing suit for California!

Okay.  I'm pumped up.  Time to run!

Edit: What was it I was saying about Runkeeper? GPS fail today.  Totally AT&T's fault I'm sure!

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