Sunday, April 29, 2012

Upcoming Races!

Okay, I've done some rearranging of my schedule.  I've decided that:

  • I am ready for a 10K.  Not tomorrow, but definitely by June 10th.  Where I will run over the George Washington Bridge for the American Cancer Society in honor of my dad who died over six years ago from cancer.
  • If ever I'm going to do a half marathon, it has to be August/September.  Apparently every cool race (Down & Dirty Mud Run, Wineglass Half Marathon, Smuttynose Rockfest, OCNJ Half, etc.) is on SEPTEMBER 30th.  What did I choose? The Wild Half in Wildwood on August 26th.  Because I definitely want to rep the hometown and do the Down & Dirty 10K at Orchard Beach on September 30th.  I haven't yet signed up for either yet because I am pretty broke, but this is the plan. 
  • Emailed a charity that I work with at my job to see if I can get into the Spring Lake 5 Miler at the end of May. 
  • Trying to find a fun, but timed, 5K for May.  We'll see. 

So do I train?  I definitely have to adapt my training so that I'm doing more running, taking less walk breaks.  Time to leave the 10 & 3 minute intervals behind this week, I think I'll start 15 & 2.  I'm obviously capable of more, as I ran pretty fast *for me* yesterday.  Maybe even the fastest I've ever run.

I have about four months before the half.  I can do this.  In about two months I've gone from barely running, to running about 10 miles a week average.  I want to up that, I want to get faster, and stronger.


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