Sunday, April 8, 2012

I've been a bad, bad girl.

What did I do Thursday night when my BFF and ever came over?
Drank a six pack of beer. Made a pretty healthy chicken sausage and peppers dinner. Then went out and had more beer.
Friday, no long run, knee was hurting. Me and my pal went to the Y and did 30 on the elliptical. Then went to Joe's Crab Shack and chowed down on some steampots. And a Coronita Margarita. Not too bad!!

So good.  Not sorry.

The goal of the day was to tie-dye our team shirts for the Run for the Wild 5K....

But then we came back and decided to bake olive bread, make a raspberry and Brie en croute dealie, some spinach artichoke dip...all washed down with champagne and red wine.
Points? What points? Thank you Weight Watchers for activity points!

Yesterday I was much better, my friend went home and I lost my party partner. I ended up not running and just laying around all day though. Husbo and I went out to REI and got some new running shoes. We ended up testing the Brooks Pure styles and loved the fit. He got the PureFlow and I got the PureConnect (IN PURPLE!).

When I got home I read mixed reviews about the PureConnect shoes and got worried. Were they going to be too narrow, even for my narrow canoe feet??


Well, had quite the run today up at SUNY Purchase, our alma mater. Turns out I shouldn't drink much water before a run. Also turns out, the college locks all the buildings for Easter.....
The full bladder made me run a 10 minute mile, til I found a solution. :)

Nalgene EveryDay...48 oz. may be a bit too much for the pre-morning run...
Next couple of miles were slower, but I did move faster than usual, and man, I LOVE THE PURECONNECTS!! No foot pain, knee pain is minimal, I was flying with these. I always thought more cushioning = better running shoe. Even though these are cushioned, they're just perfect for my feet. I was worried about the heel counters on my already blistered heels, didn't even feel them! And what's even better? No new blisters.

Kinda scared to weigh in for reals on Tuesday (especially because I'm having the best treat today: ROAST LAMB!), but I'm going to be able to train better this week without work in the way.

Happy Easter!
I'll add pics later!

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