Thursday, April 5, 2012

The "How Did I Gain 38 Pounds in One Year?!" Post

I say this all the time.
I got married last February, after running and cross training for 6 weeks hardcore because I realized my dress was too tight.
Here I am...ready to attack some damn cake that I EARNED. And it was delicious.

And the week we spent in Florida after the wedding, definitely the beginning of the downfall. That week alone I think we consumed the remainder of the Rogue Chocolate Stouts, Jai Alai IPAs and whatever concoctions we made from the Margaritaville blender we brought down with us.
We came back to NY and continued celebrating at our favorite bars...

Forty beers on tap, and I've had every single one this year. :)

Then there was the honeymoon to Barcelona and Madrid. Where this picture shows probably the healthiest thing I consumed over there.

Tapa from Quimet y Quimet...YUM!

Offer me a BOTTLE of wine for 2€? What do you think I'm going to do!!
And we know it's really hard to get back into the real world when you come back from vacation, so why don't we have an ice cream and chocolate topped Belgian waffle for dessert?

And then we did a lot of camping. A lot of beer-centric trips. And according to Runkeeper, not many miles logged running at all!

Mmmm...kielbasa cooked in beer.
Mmmm...Long Trail Brewery flight.

How you stock a car for a camping trip. All wonderfully potent craft beers, with the exception of a guilty pleasure called Wild Blue..

That brought us through half of the year 2011. Throw in the second half with my Vermont vacations, backyard parties, lack of running, two medical issues that threw me for a loop for the last few months and here we are! Almost 40 pounds heavier and struggling to regain the stamina and speed I once had.
And the sad part, this isn't the first time I've gained back all the weight I've lost. That's why this time I have to get on track. I'm getting older, there are things I want to accomplish in life and being healthy will be essential. Heart problems run on both sides of my family, as do diabetes and cancer. Getting in shape, leading a healthy lifestyle where I learn to balance my favorite things ( in bed) with a healthy diet and exercise regime, and gaining a sense of accomplishment are so, so incredibly important to me.
This post is extremely important because I start a week and a half break from work in three hours, and a routine I've become accustomed to....yikes.

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