Thursday, April 19, 2012


Thanks to a meeting, I got out of work early! Hooray! How a Thursday should be.  Except I wish I was running today and it wasn't a rest day because I just want to express my freedom!

So, if you happened to look at my Runkeeper stats, I've been running.  And if you look a little closer, I've been running EXACTLY to the mile for the day's distance.  Because I am trying to run faster and can't breathe by the time I make it to the set distance. My two miler the other day was very close to being the fastest two miles I've ever ran...too bad I had to walk towards the end because 85 degrees and trying to run my hardest doesn't really work out.

But I've run 23.4 miles so far this month.  DO YOU KNOW HOW HUGE THAT IS?  I know, there are tons of running bloggers running that in two days....but they are awesome freaks.  I'm not.  It's still a struggle to run.  The whole month of March I ran 20.2.  It's only 4/19!!  Wait til May!

More good news...I'm down about NINE pounds in less than a month.  I lost two pounds this week despite the wining, dining, and...beering through out.  I'm sure the speedier and more consistent running is to blame, and it's got me totally hyped up to run more!!

I was thisclose to signing up for the Get Outside on Governor's Island 10k that's happening June 24th.  I was all pumped and set to go to Paragon Sports downtown and get the $10 registration discount today until I realized that's the weekend I'm seeing Jim Gaffigan in Atlantic City...which was my anniversary gift from my husband...I think he got the hint I like his standup when I made him listen to all his comedy albums on the way back from Florida last year.  Hot Pocket!  So, Jim comes first...and it turns out there aren't many 10k's in June I might have to try to find one to run when we go to (tentatively) San Fran and San Diego in July, or take a roadtrip somewhere.  I need the 10k goal to work towards!

I have a desire to ride around on a bike this weekend throughout the Hudson Valley. I miss my bike.  I believe it weighs about 45 pounds to begin with.  A piece of shit department store bike that I rigged with a basket and back of the seat rack thingy, saddle bags and a bigger water bottle holder...that dragged my ass up the Verrazano bridge span as well as through the whole other 50 miles of the 5 Boro Bike Tour!  Someday I'll get a lighter bike and do it again.  Oh, memories!

Notice! How! I! Can't! Stop! Using! Exclamation Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing better than getting home early on a gorgeous day.  I'm going to go lounge outside!

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