Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running Day Off - Debauchery Ensues.

Today has been an extremely eventful day of vacation at home.

Woke up early, had the usual for breakfast....Cream of Wheat with a splash of Aunt Jemima Lite and the teensiest smattering of ICBINB Light all for 3 points.

Then I laid around for hours watching the Today Show and reading running blogs.

Finally, I thought, it would be nice to take mother out for lunch.  So we went to my (ex-)favorite watering hole.

I AVOIDED ALL OF THESE.  Mostly because none of these taps said "Delirium Tremens" or "Kona Koko Brown."
And then everything went blurry...we somehow had clam strips, I got a bucket of  mussels with garlic bread, and Michelob Ultras kept popping up in front of me!

These little morsels of seafood can't be THAT bad, right?
So I diligently tracked my points and....

I'm OUT OF POINTS.  It's TWO IN THE AFTERNOON.  If you look in the upper right hand of the last pic, even my iPhone was dying over it!

What's a girl to do but have another Michelob Ultra?  So what if I'm busting into my weekly points on a WEDNESDAY!

Anyway, came home to these suckers:

CEP Compression socks, which I find nothing but rave reviews on.  I'm pretty desperate to avoid shin splints, which are lessening over time, and calf soreness, which seems to get worse with time. And at first, couldn't figure out how the hell to get them on.  Gave up.  Had a beer and voila!

Sexy and I know it. Look at those knees...I work out!
Here I am.  Compression socked up.  Having my third Mich Ultra.  Watching Nate Berkus.  In my cock pants.


Cock Pants.

Definitely going to need to run tomorrow.  And probably just eating a crapload of steamed veggies for dinner.

EDIT:  We've moved into martini is a wash in the healthy department!

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