Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So I'm still doing this Weight Watchers thing. On Monday, it'll be a whopping two weeks. I'm down about 6 pounds...and I've done WW before and lost 30lbs. I know this works. The problem arises when you love to cook. I've been just measuring and counting each individual items, then attempting to figure out how much of the two ounces of cheese I put in the rice I actually ended up ingesting. How much of the olive oil was absorbed by the meat and sloshing around in my belly? I don't really know!!

So I just try to eat small portions of things I don't know about. Tonight I made garlic hoisin shrimp grilled with mango....

Should be low points. I figure somewhere around like 4 or 5 because of the sauce.

Then I had these. The best things ever. Do you like Samoa girl scout cookies? Yep. Just like that. But thin, low cal and my saviors. If you don't go to Trader Joe' must live somewhere without planes, because Trader Joe's is an experience, a Mecca of all food things holy (except their produce blows).

All I know is, if the scale doesn't budge tomorrow I'm going to go on a craft beer drinking binge.

Just kidding, sorta. Friday is going to be my long run of the week anyway. Well, judging by how my legs feel today after 3 miles, I want to say lame 3 miles, but I was barely running 2 last week so I'll cut myself run might be Saturday. I blame the stationary recumbent bike from yesterday, my thighs hurt.

Time to read some World War Z and hope to not have crazy nightmares and wake up with the birds again...


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