Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh, Hi There!

Where were we?  Oh, not running on Thursday.  Right.  Guess what? Didn't run Friday either!

Instead, I got to go to a wonderful blood lab, where they gently eased my blood out of my arm.  With their fists!

Just Kidding. 
I spent a total of about THREE AND A HALF HOURS at the lab.  It was just amazing.  So amazing that by 9:45 AM I was deciding what my first drink of the night would be.  And the second, third, fourth and fifth as well. 

I obviously have trouble staying motivated once one little thing goes off track for the day.  I've got to work on that if I ever expect to get me a damn medal. 

I did get my beer though........

Duvel Green...I mean Duvel Single now.
And it turns out I didn't need to plan out to my fifth beer.  Two did me in.  TWO BEERS.  ME.  DUNZO.  Will wonders never cease? 

Saturday morning I got up and knew I had to do something about the lazy attack.  Dragged my husband, very literally, out of the bed and made him go with me.  A four miler that was 4 minutes quicker than the previous one.  It was so beautiful out, warm with a breeze, everyone on the trails said "Good Morning" and I got to blow my nose into a sock I found in my car!  TMI? Yup.  Apparently I have allergies, and running through the grass and tree lined paths clog my whole head up so that I cannot breathe or hear.  And why would I have tissues in my car?  Socks, yes.  Tissues, no.  It was a good decision. 

Then my oldest friend ever (friendship time, not age) calls me up to hang out on this fantastic day.  I find this:

Stolen from
UM. A WINE AND PASTA PAIRED ADVENTURE BETWEEN 11 WINERIES.  We were there in an hour.  It was so much fun.  I just wish the pours were a little...heavier...

How my glass looked pretty much 98% of the time...sad and empty.
We ended up only hitting up six of the wineries because we started late.  We went to Benmarl, Stoutridge, Glorie Farm, Adair, Robibero, and White Cliff vineyards.  Definitely loved one of the wineries the most.  The one my debit card got declined at (Damn you, HSBC and your arbitrary silliness).  The one that has a wine called Candy Ass Red!

 I also got mad jelly over THIS at Stoutridge...


All this running around leads to one thing, all the time.  Unless it's after midnight, then it's White Castle all the way.

All Your Sushi Are Belong To Us (me)!
Saturday basically made up for my whole week of nothing doing. Yesterday was a lay around and watch Netflix type of day.  Only 52 more work days until summer vacation.  Today's 80 degree sunny weather is not helping me stay focused.  Or avoid beer. 

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