Monday, April 2, 2012

Snacks and Other Tails.

Now that I'm becoming a champion, I have to eat right. My cheese platter with a baguette and a goblet of Cabernet days are pretty much over. What's a snack now?

This colorful junk. And a gallon of water a day. Maybe some veggies when I get home from work.

And what came in the mail the other day but a whole bunch of animal tails!! It's not for some crazy late night activities or anything....but for the WCS Run for the Wild 5k at The Bronx Zoo. My team, Los Animales Locos, who you may feel free to donate to, needed to spice up our run apparel for that day. So, if you see a large group of people too old to be wearing tails and tie dyed shirts, struggling to breathe, screaming something about pitchers of beer may have found us.

Today's goal? 10 min/2min intervals x 3 again. Let's hope it goes as well as Friday. Let's also hope I find my Mizunos when I get home. Let's finally hope I don't get any more blisters.

Edit: Less distance than Friday. Found my Mizunos. Didn't get any more blisters.  Booyah!  However, I did realize that a few of last week's blisters have erupted...found that one out in the post-workout hot shower....

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