Monday, April 9, 2012

Damn You, Warm Weather, Damn You!

Ok.  It's my fault.  If you look to the little Runkeeper widget on the right today, you'll see my latest run says....1.15 miles.  I had planned to do a very light two today.  A little sore from the new running style I must have from the Pureconnects.

History Lesson:  I used to run, exclusively, at the track.  The key was to get there as soon as I woke up and my eyes could focus enough to drive and not kill anyone on the way.  At least in the warmer months.  When I started running again this past winter, I love winter running, I got accustomed to being one of the few brave (or like me, extremely hot blooded) souls there.  However, every spring, something happens in which the mass population of the nearby area decides to go outside.  And not only outside, they decide to go to the track. 

Are all of these people running on the track? Nope.  Walking on the track? Nope! How about dancing, tricycling, scootering, rollerskating, just chillin', kicking soccer balls, letting their dogs loose to jump on people, sprinting 8 people wide, sitting and chatting with old friends about the good old days on the track? YES x 10!

How do 4 laps at the track turn into 1.14 or so miles?  When you are constantly trying to get around/away from all the obstacles, of course!  I must've run from the inner most lane to the outermost 50 times during this run.  I ran a 9:42 mile and mentally quit.  I decided to walk on the (paved) trails (where everyone of these people minus the sprinters should be) for a minute to see if I could get my focus back.  HELL NO.  It was over. 

It was my fault too.  I shouldn't have been watching the Today Show all morning...that show is like crack! They had the world's tiniest dog, and Hoda broke a wine glass and ruined her dress, and yeah I left the house at 11 AM to run.  Far too late for a nice day.  I thought the wind would keep everyone away. 

Anyway, I ran some errands and came home.  I decided to comfort myself with food...but in a healthy way! Hooray!

I made a cauliflower pizza crust, recipes are all over the web, but they require as much cheese as cauliflower....well that's kind of defeating the purpose! I made it personal sized: quarter head of cauliflower, 1/4 cup low fat mozz, 1 egg white and topped with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, a tablespoon of tomato sauce and an heirloom tomato (5 Points! Boom!)

The first time I tried to make a cauliflower got stuck to the pan and was ruined (TOO MUCH DAMN CHEESE).  This time? It was actually like slightly doughy pizza.  Flipping awesome. 

Well, I'm going to watch TV, take a nap and try another run tonight with the husband. 

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