Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A MILEstone! Get it??

4 miles today. A new Runkeeper (and personal) record! I could not wait to get this email.


Love you, Runkeeper

Don't look at my other emails, thanks.

My calves are severely crampy today though. I ordered myself some CEP compression socks and as soon a the UPS man throws them at my door tomorrow, they are going on!

Let's reminisce...me playing college soccer about 10 years ago (OMG.). At this point, I was probably smoking at least a half pack of cigarettes a day, and tallying up a few beers at a time:

And you know what? Even though I weigh more...I'm in way better shape now. My idea of a snack isn't tortellini and butter or cheese fries. Smoking is SO 2001-2006. My beer drinking is definitely...curbed. And even though I was a forward...I sucked at running. Great aim, strong kick, but shitty at running back and forth. I ended up quitting the team once I started really utilizing the music studios. Joined again junior year, quit again to just GTFO and graduate early...because I hated RUNNING.

So today is an accomplishment, even though I ended up having a Bravo channel marathon, with an hour long nap. And some wine. I mean...I burned 577 calories today! Totally wine worthy.


It was slow, but it really sucked, and I did it. And what a difference starting at 8:00AM made!

Time for some more reality tv. Pathetic, but I earned it. Goodnight!


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