Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Cat. I want a medal.

I'm sitting here, resting my jacked up feet after this run. My farthest running distance yet. And you know what? I want recognition. And not just any recognition: I want a medal.

This running thing is awesome and makes me feel good and allows me to drink beer and not gain a bajillion pounds, but it's no sculpted piece of metal or glass hanging from a ribbon, that's for damn sure.

I don't just want one medal either, though my blog title may have you believe that. I want a bunch of medals. I want a wall of greatness.

I understand medals are given out at half marathons mostly. I'm not there yet. And some serious runners poo-poo on the notion that one can earn a medal by finishing a 5K. Haters gon' hate, I don't care. I'll gladly accept that medal, because I deserve a medal every time I run 3.1 miles or more when I could be watching a Real Housewives marathon (no medal for that marathon!).

So, follow my journey from extreme sleeper to super medal earning runner.

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