Thursday, May 31, 2012

Short Weeks....How It Should Be!

After Monday's run, I've been kicking ass.  I ran my fastest three miles yet yesterday, and made it to the gym to cross train a little today.

Some of that training, though not much because it's ridiculous, was done on this thing...

LifeFitness Integrity Series Summit Trainer (pic from LifeFitness)
Think Stairclimber + Elliptical + Sweatfest.  I wish I took a pic of it at my gym...because even though it's an intense puts you at about 7-8 feet tall while you use it.  So, above everyone else working out at the gym.  So, you're like on a pedestal.  Climbing.  Sweaty.  Red.  Hot.  Mess. 

You know what's awesome?  Old pants fitting.

And while we're on clothing, I must share something with all one of you strangely redirected people that end up here.

I live in Moving Comfort bras. 

Not me. 
This sucker...the the most amazing thing to ever strap boobs down.  Especially if you are pushing the later letters of the alphabet.  First, I was wearing it strictly to run. Perfection.  Then, I realized if I wore it under work clothes, I could actually wear button down shirts again.  Life. Changing. I just received the Juno bra today...we'll give that a shot this weekend.

Finally, I ordered a Headsweats running hat so I can retire the ZOOM hat.  I can't wait!

Good stuff this week. I think my sister-in-law is gonna be joining my little cult soon, VERY EXCITED!

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