Sunday, June 3, 2012


Did I step on the scale this weekend? Nope.  But even if I step on it tomorrow with a couple pound gain, I know I've achieved great things this weekend.

I pushed work out of my mind on Friday and was able to enjoy some quality time with my friends.  Quality time definitely means dinner(s) and drink(s).  It's hard to eat out when you're trying to lose weight, so I tried to stick to a steak salad.  And sangria....and chips....oops. 

Good news? I didn't die.  Despite all the warnings on the Metformin bottle. 

Woke up with the best intentions of leaving my friend on the couch and going for a run, but once I got out of the bed I knew things weren't quite right.  So we had some huevos rancheros, went shopping and then began an all day food and beer adventure...starting with my favorite local brewery, Captain Lawrence.

2 ounces of delicious.  I believe this was Ginger Man.  Yum!
Their Imperial IPA is the only IPA I not only can tolerate, but like.  The new brewery location in Elmsford is fantastic and I probably could spend a whole afternoon there.  But we knew when it was time to get a t-shirt and get out.

I bought an XL...I'm not an XL at all...damnit.
If you are ever in Westchester County...or anywhere near it, do yourself a big hoptastic favor and come here.  The owner studied brewing in California, and worked at Sierra the beers have a west coast flavor, but better, because it's freshly made right here on the east coast.  Booyah. 

Then we decided to check out Defiant Brewing Pearl River.  This place has good beers, it's very low key, my only issue was that I wished the beers were a tad cooler.  Maybe they were going for optimal tasting temperature...but it was like 80 degrees and no AC...I would've loved a cold one. 

Not only was the beer good....but they have barbecue.  Tasty, tasty, smoked meats. 

Awesome Menu.

"Ample Sampler"...wasn't a joke.  Mmmm.

After this spot, we decided to hit another place we've planned on going for months...Sunset Cove.

It's right on the water along the Tappan Zee Bridge.  Would be perfect on a summer night.  Yesterday?  It was freezing.  We stayed about a half hour and kept it moving.

The next place I wish I had a photo of, because it's my favorite Bronx restaurant...except we went to the new Portchester location, Coals.  They make (EXTREMELY) thin crust, coal oven pizzas that are divine.  And they're so thin, I doubt they could be that bad for you, that is what I tell myself.  The other great thing about both Coals...AWESOME BEER SELECTION and good music playing.

Were we done yet with this adventure? Heck no.  My dear friend had never had a paleta before.  This was ridiculous.  So we hopped next door to Paleteria Fernandez and got some rice pudding paletas.  If you haven't had a paleta experience....I'll let the Yelp community with their fancy vocabulary skills tell you about it: Paletas?

Finally, it was pajama time back at the house.  I'm so thankful that I have the best husband ever that carted my friend and I around all day (he got a growler of Imperial IPA out of it).  I knew I'd have to get up early today so right to bed I went, with a horrible night's sleep probably from putting my body into shock with all this stuff. 

Usually, I'd say forget running after a day like yesterday.  I woke up this morning feeling like someone hit me with truck.  I let it settle for a couple of hours and then got to it. 

And I ran FOUR miles.


No walks. 

Decent time. 

And? I ran 40 miles in May.  A new record! 

I'm one week from the American Cancer Society George Washington Bridge Challenge 10K. 

And I'm ready.  Let's keep this week positive!

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