Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Night Before My First 10K...

Not gonna lie, little bit nervous. 

Mostly about the parking/shuttle/picking up bibs/making it to the starting line on time.  Secondly about making it through the race.

I've never run this far a distance before!  Then again, I'd never run more than two miles when I did my first it's kind of the same...right?!?!


Last night while perusing Pinterest, for which my love wanes lately, I found all of these Nike shirts with pretty snarky sayings on them.  "Running Sucks." is my favorite, very closely followed by "My Feet Hurt from Kicking so Much Ass."  I had this great idea to wake up at the crack of dawn and go to the outlets, to go to the Nike store, that will obviously carry any shirt I want at any time always and at a discount. 

Obstacle 1: Awaken the Spouse.

Buried in there...a husband!
Turning all the lights on full blast (minus one, I know...) didn't work.  So I turned to Plan B.

Guess which breakfast of champs is mine!
I made him an omelet with spinach, sriracha and the most amazing cheese ever, called "Unexpected Cheddar" from Trader Joe's.  And done. 

Obstacle 2: Beat the Crowds.

This turned out to be easy.  Why?  Because I don't know how to read.  Well, that's not true, I'm just too impatient to read things fully.  I'm more the toss-the-instructions-in-the-trash-with-the-packaging type.  So, yes, the outlets open at 9:00 AM in June.  Starting June 16th.  Oops. 

I guess there were really only two obstacles.  Once there, we killed some time and then hit up the following stores:

  • Nike Factory Store - Tempo Shorts, Dri-Fit T-Shirt with non-snarky phrase: $35
  • Under Armour - Two tank top type dealies, one of which cost more because it was a different color? Pfft. - $35
  • J. Crew - In an attempt for me to actually buy real clothing for once...I ended up with a maxi dress, a belt, and a necklace. - $45
  • Gap - Nothing. - $0
  • American Apparel - BICYCLE SHORTS (aka chub rub prevention) OMGYES! $14
  • Banana Republic - Dress. - $20
  • Adidas - Sandals, Boston Marathon shorts (big fan, maybe run it some day...for now, I like the orange/red color and the unicorn and that they were about $12). - $40
  • Adidas - Didn't buy...but probably should have...
 Not too shabby.  Some day I'll go back with more patience and attempt to buy clothes I can wear to something. 

The Running Outfit Haul:

The Nike store did not have either shirt I was looking for, UNBELIEVABLE.  And the ones with funny phrases were cotton.  Instead I got:

With the way I sweat...I'm EXTREMELY alive.
After having a modeling sesh in the bedroom, I decided on tomorrow's race getup.

Pretty tame for me! No zoom hat.

We got sunglasses, we got a Headsweats hat, a ball of socks, Old Navy running shorts, my disintegrating old faithful bike shorts, some soccer throwbacks with those Adidas slides, my Brooks, and a camera holster.

I have a feeling I'm going to want to throw my camera holster into the Hudson.  I hate having too much, I mean, ANYTHING, hanging on me, but I want to take pictures, and I gotta leave my car so far from the race and be shuttled so I can't leave it there, and I just got a sweet ass camera (see how nice my new pics are? Canon S95!). 

The plan is to finish the race.  That's it.  Post-party a little.  Retrieve the car, and finally, get some brews somewhere.  At 9:30 in the morning...

To be continued.

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